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RISE to the occasion: quality, risk adjustment, payers, and providers converge

Posted by Sean Creighton and David Bartley on 3/21/17 10:56 AM

Although its Nashville location remains the same, the Annual RISE Summit continues to grow in size and importance each year. RISE, or the Resource Initiative and Society for Education, has been bringing its membership together for 11 years to address fundamental issues in risk adjustment, performance measurement and improvement, and payment integrity. The American Health Care Act, the GOP alternative to the Affordable Care Act, was a focal point for this year’s meeting with its release on the eve of the conference. However, RISE is well known for its best-practice sessions, and while the future continues to be debated, there is clearly plenty of work still getting done to move the industry closer to value-based healthcare delivery and payment even in the midst of uncertainty.

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from the HEDIS® 2017 trenches: optimizing your chases

Posted by Leah Breeggemann on 2/22/17 9:11 AM

The countdown to the HEDIS® 2017 reporting deadline is well underway. Are you on track? Our Verscend experts are here to share their insights on effectively managing your measurement and reporting process in our monthly blog series, “from the HEDIS 2017 trenches.” Here, client manager Leah Breeggemann offers insight on optimizing your chart chasing efforts.

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what makes Verscend "Best in KLAS"?

Posted by David Bartley on 2/2/17 7:15 AM

Verscend this week received the 2017 Best in KLAS award for payer quality analytics and reporting solutions. This first-of-its-kind award pitted top solutions against each other, using KLAS Research’s well-established methodologies and exhaustive customer research to evaluate vendor and solution performance across multiple categories. Verscend scored an 84.7 out of 100 in the ranking, published today in the report, “2017 Best in KLAS: Software & Services.”

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from the HEDIS® 2017 trenches: digging into the data

Posted by Ashley McNairy on 1/25/17 12:04 PM

The countdown to the HEDIS® 2017 reporting deadline has begun. Are you on track? Our Verscend experts are here to share their insights on effectively managing your measurement and reporting process in our new monthly blog series, “from the HEDIS 2017 trenches.” Here, Ashley McNairy, product director for Verscend’s Quality Improvement solutions, gets us started on the right foot.

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tips to ensure your quality program actually improves quality

Posted by Verscend on 12/20/16 9:33 AM

The increasingly strong link between quality outcomes and payment in healthcare increases the importance of closing gaps in care, a critical component of the annual HEDIS® measurement and reporting process. Plans invest significant resources into HEDIS with the goal of obtaining high ratings, but how can your organization transform routine quality measurement and reporting activities into a true strategic advantage? Check out our latest infographic.

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CareOregon: how to achieve measurable quality improvement

Posted by Verscend on 11/30/16 1:35 PM

Health plans across the country expend significant energy on annual HEDIS® quality reporting requirements. With quality metrics increasingly tied to financial success, the importance of both a successful submission process and continued performance improvement has only grown.

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streamlining medical record retrieval to ensure program efficiency

Posted by Verscend on 11/16/16 12:37 PM

For health plans and other healthcare organizations, quality measurement, risk adjustment, and reporting requirements grow more intensive as regulations related to healthcare reform become increasingly complex. Health plans are often challenged to meet these expectations in an environment that hasn’t kept pace with today’s demand for data.

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the keys to a successful quality improvement program

Posted by Verscend on 10/26/16 9:07 AM

A core requirement for health plans across the country is measuring and reporting on quality metrics. However, directly influencing those metrics can often be a struggle. Improving quality metrics is directly correlated with identifying and addressing gaps in care. By deploying a proactive, year-round strategy that aligns data analytics with a focused approach for addressing gaps in care, your organization can turn routine quality measurement and reporting activities into a true strategic advantage by ensuring that quality measurably improves across key metrics.

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best practices to drive HEDIS® success in 2017

Posted by Verscend on 8/31/16 1:13 PM

Quality reporting continues to be closely aligned with financial success for health plans across the country, amplifying the importance of a year-round HEDIS® process rooted in best practices. While HEDIS measurement and reporting requirements and timelines are always subject to annual changes from NCQA, effective pre-submission planning streamlines the process and helps health plans achieve successful outcomes. Here, we provide important tactics to help you fine-tune your process and stay on track for HEDIS reporting in 2017. This includes recommended milestones for critical reporting steps as well as tips that can optimize your process for next year.

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5 tips from the trenches: best practices for HEDIS® 2017

Posted by Verscend on 8/3/16 8:32 AM

Each year, plans face new challenges in their HEDIS® reporting as NCQA updates its reporting requirements to account for any changes to the program. We find that among our clients, even the smallest changes can create big problems if appropriate steps aren’t taken in advance to accommodate updates. And while these challenges aren’t likely to go away any time soon, the good news is that NCQA reports that overall quality performance is up—and that HEDIS data continues to have a positive impact on other areas of reporting as well, such as CMS Five-Star quality ratings.

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